Color Matching

We use our technical experience and X-Rite Spectrophotometer with color matching software to precisely match colors for proficient and quick results. We also provide cost-effective solutions for your application.


Product Development

We have years of experience developing mixing inks, coatings, additives, and overprint varnishes for the printing market.

Product Testing & Technical Troubleshooting

We apply our 50+ years of knowledge and experience in our ink and coatings lab, which allows us to identify distinctive solutions and achieve results for our customers.


Technical Support

We are available for on-site technical support to ensure product consistency and satisfaction and provide friendly customer service for all your printing needs.

Here at Spectro Printing Ink we value fast delivery and on-site technical support as well as personal delivery to all of our local customers. We use SpeeDee Delivery Service for fast delivery in the Midwest region and UPS for efficient shipping to all other U.S. regions.

Color Matching

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